Networking Fundamentals

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After Completion of this Course, We will learn following:

  • Network Flow.
  • Communication between two computers [Wired and Wireless]
  • Working of Internet.
  • This course explains these concepts, starting with the basic building blocks of networks [Layer1 to Layer7], and how Ethernet Local Area Networks (LANs) operate.
  • We discuss IP addressing and subnetting, and how data gets routed from one LAN to another using various Wide Area Networking (WAN) technologies.
  • We discuss different topologies used while designing networks - Home, Campus, SOHO, Enterprises etc.
  • Virtualization an integral part of Networking and Software and Hardware component of it.
  • Practical understanding of "End Devices" "Access Layer" "Distribution Layer" "WLAN" and different ways of connections.

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Each Theoretical Module is followed by practicals to enable best possible learning.

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Rajeev Kumar